Friday, December 27, 2013

[MD OX] How to add new account on MS Outlook 2013 (POP3)

Adding new account on Outlook 2013 are slightly different from previous version. These are the steps to add new account (More than 1 user).

Open Outlook 2013
Click "File"

Click on "Account Settings" to add new account.

Click on "new" to create new account.

Choose Email Account service and click "Next"

Choose Manual setup or additional server types and click "Next"

Choose POP or IMAP and click "Next"

Type your information
Server Information:
Account Type: POP3
Incoming and outgoing mail server:
Logon Information
User Name: your email address
Password: your password
Then, click "More Settings..."

Outgoing Server tab
Do tick: My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and click "OK"

Advanced tap
Incoming server (POP3): port 995 SSL
Outgoing server (SMTP): port 26 TLS
Do tick "Leave a copy of messages on the server", click "OK"

Click "Test Account Settings..." button

Wait until all statuses are completed, click "Close"

Click "Next"
Test account again and click "Close"

Click "Finish", a professional service provider for email server/hosting solutions for your business

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thailand's 3 best email hosting services for your business

Thailand's 3 best email hosting services for your business

Technology Land Co.,Ltd.
Location: Bangkok,Thailand
1. The company was registered as a professional service provider in email hosting servers. If you are encounter such problems or difficulties, simply request TL to assist you.
2. Accessible after-sales services and support from many channels:
2.1 Live Chat
2.2 Call Center
2.3 Email
3. On-site training course.
4. A range of solutions served and optimized to fit your needs.

1. Quite expensive for using many email accounts.
Location: Bangkok,Thailand
1. Affordable cost for small business.
2. Accessible after-sales services and support from many channels:
2.1 Email
2.2 Call Center
3. Refundable cost within 30 days

1. No training course, They just send the instructions to you, the system is quite similar to other hosted email.
2. If you have problems, you can only contact them by email and telephone.
Location: Bangkok,Thailand

1. Easy configuration for IT technicians.
2. Inexpensive at a whole-sale price.
3. Accessible after-sales services and support from many channels:
3.1 Call Center
3.2 Email
1. Don’t suit for company lacking of skilled IT technicians. We strongly don’t recommend using this service because you could not configure it.
2. You have to understand about DNS because they have no training course.
3. Unrefundable cost.

This article was written by self-comment, it has not mentioned any company for discrediting.

The difference between corporate emails and free emails

The difference between “Free Emails” and “Business emails” or “”

The difference between corporate emails and free emails

There's no such thing as a free lunch, but it really has free email you can get. How can you know, is it effective and suitable or not?

Who is going to take care of you, when your email has trouble?

While you was sending an email message to your clients, sending status occurred an error. Who is going to solve this problem? Your business might lose more trust with your clients. Furthermore, your inbox has hundreds of messages. Who is your business email consultant you can talk with?

Free hosted email services

Free Email, most people use this service for free, for registering social network service (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), for self-business. Most of them don’t use corporate email.

Users should appropriately consider for business email, particularly emphasize with trust, confidence and security.

Corporate Email (for business), There has a few email hosting service providers in Thailand, so that you have less choices to decide using their services. You might know who keep your backup data, when you get some problems or need help.

Who can help you once the problem happened if you use free email?

It’s very simple question, but using free email, you never know the answer because you have no consultant about email service.

Corporate Email, service providers normally help you all time.

Emails are created by email hosting service providers. When you got some problems about your email, they specially take care of you immediately and professionally.

Using corporate email, makes your business be more trust.

Your business needs good image, don’t you?

The important reason that your company was established is “Reliability”. On the other hands, many companies use free email for communicating with their business and the big mistake is that you have overlooked your organization’s image.

We fully comprehended that establishing a company, have to emphasize with spending money. Everyone prefers getting free with very high quality features, but it was unreasonable. Your company might lose good image.

We comprehend that establishing the company, you have to care about well worth expenses. Something is no need to pay, you prefer for sure. It is unreasonable; you paid a lot of money for building your office, employers, but you don’t accept for using email service for business. On the other hands, you chose free email to communicate in business. If you pretend to be your clients, you will dare to send secret and important messages to the company, won’t you?

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What is an email hosting/server, how does it work?

You need to consider using your email for business. Besides, choosing your web hosting service is very important.

A technique for business to increase your business being more trust

A good corporate image.

Confidence is a heart of doing business, whether you do a freelance, business owner, we know that trust and image are very essential for business.

In particular, you send email for business, how you can make your client believe in your business which is not impersonal. It normally has some doubt from the clients that
your company or brand is reliable or not because you still use free email in your business. The truth is nobody need to buy things from unreliable company. And, how do they feel that your free email was shown to your clients?

Using email under your domain name:, is a first impressive image to increase clients' trust, including your foreign clients. Most clients always send to communicate with their clients, especially Japan, US, Australia, Singapore, etc.

You just spend a little money but you can get a very first impressive corporate image for your company. So, it is very important in this case because every business need to use email.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

10 Reasons not to use emails hosted by web hosting

10 Reasons not to use email hosted by web hosting

If you decided to buy web hosting, you might choose to buy the cheapest price with a number of functions, for example, amount of storage space, high bandwidth service, having MySQL Database, and supported to programming languages such as PHP. Unfortunately, if you planned to use emails hosted by web hosting.

10 Reasons not to use email hosted by web hosting

  1. Web hosting was created in order to support creating website, the providers need to divide up the space worthily for sale. You will use your email with a huge number of people
  2. One server features so many websites, each one has own emails, for example, Server A has 1,000 websites in the same server, each website has one email at least, it means that Server A approximately has 1,000 x 10 = 10,000 email accounts. Your email is a small part of the server so that it can cause a number of serious problems.     
  3. From no.2, you might have trouble when receiving email messages. For example, your friend has sent a message to your email for a long time, but you still do not receive any message because you have to be in queue with other users around 10,000 emails. Therefore, you get trouble with delayed receiving problem.
  4. According to No.2, Sending email to receivers, you might be in queue with ten thousand users so that your email exactly sending to them will be delayed for a long period of time.  
  5. Web hosting or web server has only one IP address hosting thousands of users. When an email account sends spam messages, not only this email account is blocked but also all other email accounts on this server are blocked. These can result in error in sending email messages.
  6. When your IP address was blocked, your administrator could unblock your IP address being white list, it took about 2-3 days. Although, your IP address has been unblocked, your IP address would be blocked afterwards.
  7. Few providers can solve the problem (No.6) permanently unless the hosting belongs to a very big ISP of your country. They have strictly limited sending messages of each account user.
  8. Web hosting was created in order to support creating website and data. Email is a part of functions. It surely has some trouble because web hosting was not created to run email server particularly.
  9. If you need to use emails for communication mainly, we strongly recommend you to choose professional email hosting/server service providers.  
  10. If your web hosting IP address has no PTR Record (created by ISP), you could not associate it with some recognized mail servers.

Registering domain name documentation and prices for your business., the biggest email service provider in Thailand, gives you the best price, high quality services for your business, registers domain names and create emails ending with your domain name.

More about price...

Company Affidavit issued within 90 days with authorized seal and signature.
Using email:, makes your business be more confident and professional

Doing business in Thailand, the confidence is the key factor. Using your email:, is the most confident with clients. As a result of a domain registration, documents issued by the government sector such as a company limited / limited partnership's certification paper with trademark and authorized signatures are required. Therefore, your clients must be more confident that your company is not impersonal.

Business email under your domain name

How can I check email ending with
The service from, you can check email from these below:
1. Visit to on your web browser, Google Chrome is most reccommended, then log in with your email address and password (similar to logging in on Hotmail or Gmail)
2. On iPhone, iPad, Smart phone with the best technology, called IMAP, ensure that your messages on your email are not lost.

3. In MS Outlook.

Register with

Friday, December 20, 2013

[MD] How to set up an email account on MS Outlook 2007, POP (Recommended)

Email Service: POP (Recommended)

Open Ms Outlook program,
Click on Tool --> Account Settings... 

Click "Next"

Click "New" button.

Tick on "Manually configure server ....... ", click "Next" button.

Choose "Internet E-mail", click "Next" button.

Type your information, tick "Remember password", click "More Settings..." 
User Information:
Incoming mail server :
Username :  (Your email address, for example,
Password: your email password

Choose the tab: Outgoing Server, and do tick "My outgoing server requires authentication"

Incoming server (POP3): 110
Outgoing server (SMTP): 587
Do tick "Leave a copy message on the server" 
click 'OK'

Click "Test Account Settings..."

The tasks' status should be completed
Then, click "Close"

Click "Finish"

Your new account will be shown on this window.

Your new account was successfully added.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

[MD] How to reset your password in my control panel.

Log in to your control panel,
click "Manage Users/Accounts"

Choose the email which you want to reset the password.

Click "Reset Password"

Click "Reset Password" button.

The password has been modified successfully,
you can now log in with your new password.