Wednesday, December 4, 2013

[MD] How to set up an email account (for business) in Mozilla Thunderbird (Recommended), email system, the provider for mail business and organization, supported to Mozilla Thunderbird. There has very easy step how to set up your account as below:

To download Mozilla Thunderbird, go to  website:

On Mozilla Thunderbird
Go to "Settings..."--> Options --> Account Settings...

Click "Add Mail Account"

Type your name, email address and password.

The program will configure to find email server automatically. Click "Done"

Incoming IMAP, imap.(your domain name).com
Outgoing SMTP, smtp.(your domain name).com
Username: Type your email account Then, click "Done"

Follow up these steps if the default setting up is not exactly same to above screen shot.

This is an incorrect default configuration, click "Manual config"

Set up the incoming and outgoing mail server name as the screen, click "Retest"
Incoming IMAP, imap.(Domain name).com Port: 143
Outgoing SMTP, smtp.(Domain name).com Port: 587
Then, click "Done"

The first sending, it will ask for confirm your sever,
click "Confirm Security Exception"

Your new account has successfully added.

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