Monday, October 6, 2014

[Mac OS] Config Incoming Server on Mail App

Changing incoming mail server on you Mac

Click Mail > Preferences..

Choose your email account, change your incoming mail server.

Click 'close' button, then click Save

How does the Spam/Virus Filter on email hosting work?

Spam Filters

Spam & Virus filters are very important to email hosting, which service doesn't have filters, the end users may get many spam/virus mails. Moreover end users who do not have computer expertise, might not manage and protect the spam mails because of lack of technical knowledge, they might download the virus to their computer and were kept company's data by hackers.

How does the Spam/Virus Filter on email hosting work?

1. The spam filter will keep the whole messages to the server.

2. The spam filter process data with algorithms and allow safe messages to the inbox of end users.

3. The messages which have been risked like spam or virus will be quarantined and stored in the email hosting spam folder to prevent the viruses getting their computer. If the messages are not spam mails, you can release messages to inbox. 

4. Spam filtering system can protect bombing email messages to end users, they might not receive spam or virus messages on inbox.

Friday, October 3, 2014

[Outlook] How to create your signature in MS Outlook 2013.

Users can create your signature below your quote in MS Outlook 2013.

Click 'New Email'

1. Click an icon 'Signature'
2. Signatures...

Choose 'New'

Type a name for signature, then click 'OK'

Type your signature into 'Edit signature', click 'OK'

Here's your signature below the quote.

How to look up the DNS Server of your domain.

To Look up the DNS Server's mail server, you can visit on websites such

Type the domain name you are looking for the DNS Server, and then click the 'Whois Lookup'.

The Web page displays the DNS Server Search.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

What's happen if mail server down?

What's happen if mail server down?

Downing of mail server can not do anything with it, it may caused by many reasons, such as the hardware is not work, connecting to the server with ISP is not work, the error of software of the server. It's similar to a computer that you always use, one day it probably doesn't work because of problems of power supply, motherboard, video card, Ram.

Normally, the mail server might be downed every time like the computer.

The effect when the mail server was downed. 

1. Can not send / receive messages.
2. Miss a big opportunity to make business contacts.
3. Out of credibility in the business.
4. Affect mental of employees.
5. Inconvenient contact.