Thursday, November 27, 2014

5 reasons why you have to rent a mail server

Should you rent a mail server?

5 reasons why you have to rent a mail server

1. Server's hardwares have higher price than computer's hardwares such as home PC, laptop.

2. You have to built in the data center for placing your own mail server because the data center has a very high cost .

3. You must have a Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to prevent an outage in data center which has a high price.

4. You need to manage the security system which can be costly.

5. To monitor the operation of the mail server functioning normally, have to monitor by an engineer specialising mail server.

From the foregoing, maintaining the mail server is not easy to do by yourself, because it requires high capital and requires personnel with expertise in particular, so renting the mail server is a solution for smaller organisations, their no need to maintain the server because the provider would provide this for you. You can use the mail server which has very high stability of the system without maintaining it.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Using GoogleApps with email hosting of Technology Co., Ltd.

Using GoogleApps with email hosting of Technology Co., Ltd.

Some organisations are using Google Apps for Business only 10 users of total 200 users and using TL email hosting for 190 users.

The organisation gives the executives or some users who want to use email with highly stable and many applications, using Google Apps give 30 GB/Account disk space. The other staff uses email hosting of our system, you can set up a Google Apps for business as follows.

Login to a master admin of your domain,
then click 'Google Apps'

Click 'Gmail'

Go to 'Advanced settings'

Tick 'Destination' and Unknown mailbox accounts only
Then, click 'Save changes'

This process makes other accounts are able to use TL email hosting with high quality including spam filter of outbound and incoming server.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

What is an email server? How does it work?

What is 'Email server'?

An email server is a computer which keep email messages as an incoming server and send out messages as an outbound server. Most of large organisations have their own mail server on their office, but medium-small organisations is served by an email service provider which has good experiences and expert in computer network/server, maintaining server has quite high cost. 

The important advantage of mail server is sending message with the attachment (DOC, EXCEL, PDF File) to anyone all around the world, the recipient has no need to print out the messages and send the messages via mailbox at postoffice. It's the best way to save the world.

The senders can attach files and send to the recipients within few minutes.

What's 'Unrouteable address'?

What's 'Unrouteable address'?

End-Users cannot send message to recipients.

Error: "Unrouteable address / Unrouteable mail domain" What does this mean?

1. Sending message to a wrong email address such as instead of

- Try to send the message again to the correct email address.

2. Sending messages out of quota limits per hour.

- Wait for 30 mins. and retry sending message

3. Incorrect configuration of destination server such as DNS, MX Record, the reject message shows the email address has not existed.

- Contact to your email hosting service provider for checking the configuration as well.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

[Outlook 2010] How to add an hotmail account (POP3)

How to add an hotmail account (POP3) on MS Outlook?

Hotmail account is a free email for everyone, you can add your hotmail account on MS Outlook (POP3) easily. Anyway, before you add the account to MS Outlook, you have to enable type POP3 at

1. Go to 'Settings' and click 'Options'

Settings > Option

Enable POP and click 'Save'

Connect devices and apps with POP

After enabling POP, open MS Outlook and add new account.

File --> Info --> 'Add Account'

Choose 'Manually configure server settings or additional server types.'
Then, click 'Next'

Select 'Internal E-mail', click 'Next'

Type your information and server information (see the screen shot)
Username is your full email address
Then, click 'More Settings'

Go to tab 'Advanced'
Incoming server (POP3) is 995 (SSL)
Outgoing server (SMTP) is 587 (None)
Then, click 'OK'

Click 'Test Account Settings...'

The status of checking incoming and outgoing server are completed
Click 'Close'

Your account has been added
Click 'Finish'

[Outlook] Do you know setting 'Wrong time zone' has an effect on sending email?

Do you know setting 'Wrong time zone' has an effect on sending email?

End-users often face to email problem. One of reasons that they couldn't send message out is setting the wrong time zone on their computer. So, MS Outlook couldn't send messages to the destination server without any bounce message to the sender.

How to solve this?

1. 'Set current time zone' Click on the date and time at the right corner of the desktop (see the screen shot), then set your current time zone.

2. Normally, if you find that the clock on your computer goes wrong, try to changed the motherboard CMOS battery and reset the bios time.

Monday, November 3, 2014

[Mac OS] 'Pop up Certificate' on Mail App

'Pop up Certificate' on Mail App

What to do if I found the pop up about verifying certificate? 

Click 'Show Certificate'

Mark 'Always trust "localhost" when connecting to ""
Then, click 'Connect'

Type your mac's name and password, then click 'Update Settings'

Why does cloud email hosting is extremely stable?

Why cloud email hosting is more stable?

      Cloud is a system that works in conjunction with a server in terms of processing power and storage which are working together all times. It's well-known and very popular now because it can solve flooding server and it also connects server thoroughly without interruption. Unlike the common email server, if a hardware in server was broken, the system will stops immediately. This was followed by a loss of business chance.

The cloud system is to manage the mail server resources be allocated specifically and control hardwares such as Ram, CPU Mail Server. It's similar to a computer using hardwares, if any of them happened to come up, it will not be activated. On the other hand, the cloud system equipment damage, it instantly and automatically renew the cloud server. This ensures that the cloud hosting is more stable than typical mail hosting.