Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What is IMAP Email?

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol, a choice to link your devices: Smart phone, or MS Outlook to your email server/hosting in two-way communication.

For example, when you check emails by website, your inbox will show the messages, otherwise check emails by your cell phone, it will show the same messages. It is the latest technology, different from the original protocol-POP (Post Office Protocol).

In term of POP, it often has some problem that you check emails on Outlook and then check emails on cell phone, you might not get the whole messages same to Outlook., the email server/hosting system provider for business, operating professional IMAP and POP servers at the affordable cost served by our experienced team (Click Here)

IMAP was created for business communication nowadays. In the past, we checked emails on a computer only. Since the world of technology has rapidly changed, an account can log in on many devices: Smart phone, Tablet, Laptop in the same time.

If you are finding email system for business, please check that your service provider operates IMAP server, making easier when you contact to your clients.

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