Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Registering domain name documentation and prices for your business.

MailDee.com, the biggest email service provider in Thailand, gives you the best price, high quality services for your business, registers .co.th domain names and create emails ending with your domain name.

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Company Affidavit issued within 90 days with authorized seal and signature.
Using email: name@yourcompany.co.th, makes your business be more confident and professional

Doing business in Thailand, the confidence is the key factor. Using your email: name@yourcompany.co.th, is the most confident with clients. As a result of a co.th domain registration, documents issued by the government sector such as a company limited / limited partnership's certification paper with trademark and authorized signatures are required. Therefore, your clients must be more confident that your company is not impersonal.

Business email under your domain name

How can I check email ending with .co.th?
The service from MailDee.com, you can check email from these below:
1. Visit to webmail.yourcompany.co.th on your web browser, Google Chrome is most reccommended, then log in with your email address and password (similar to logging in on Hotmail or Gmail)
2. On iPhone, iPad, Smart phone with the best technology, called IMAP, ensure that your messages on your email are not lost.

3. In MS Outlook.

Register name@yourcompany.co.th with MailDee.com.

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