Tuesday, December 24, 2013

10 Reasons not to use emails hosted by web hosting

10 Reasons not to use email hosted by web hosting

If you decided to buy web hosting, you might choose to buy the cheapest price with a number of functions, for example, amount of storage space, high bandwidth service, having MySQL Database, and supported to programming languages such as PHP. Unfortunately, if you planned to use emails hosted by web hosting.

10 Reasons not to use email hosted by web hosting

  1. Web hosting was created in order to support creating website, the providers need to divide up the space worthily for sale. You will use your email with a huge number of people
  2. One server features so many websites, each one has own emails, for example, Server A has 1,000 websites in the same server, each website has one email at least, it means that Server A approximately has 1,000 x 10 = 10,000 email accounts. Your email is a small part of the server so that it can cause a number of serious problems.     
  3. From no.2, you might have trouble when receiving email messages. For example, your friend has sent a message to your email for a long time, but you still do not receive any message because you have to be in queue with other users around 10,000 emails. Therefore, you get trouble with delayed receiving problem.
  4. According to No.2, Sending email to receivers, you might be in queue with ten thousand users so that your email exactly sending to them will be delayed for a long period of time.  
  5. Web hosting or web server has only one IP address hosting thousands of users. When an email account sends spam messages, not only this email account is blocked but also all other email accounts on this server are blocked. These can result in error in sending email messages.
  6. When your IP address was blocked, your administrator could unblock your IP address being white list, it took about 2-3 days. Although, your IP address has been unblocked, your IP address would be blocked afterwards.
  7. Few providers can solve the problem (No.6) permanently unless the hosting belongs to a very big ISP of your country. They have strictly limited sending messages of each account user.
  8. Web hosting was created in order to support creating website and data. Email is a part of functions. It surely has some trouble because web hosting was not created to run email server particularly.
  9. If you need to use emails for communication mainly, we strongly recommend you to choose professional email hosting/server service providers.  
  10. If your web hosting IP address has no PTR Record (created by ISP), you could not associate it with some recognized mail servers.

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