Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Spam or Junk Email, a very big problem on email business.

A very big problem on email business, spam email, junk email, which is products' advertisements sent from someone you don't know. Even though, we are not interested in them, these advertisements came into your email automatically.

Moreover, your business email inbox has full of junk mails, not involving in your business. It might make you uncomfortable to manage the important assignments. You might delete the important emails involuntarily.

What is Spam Email? Who sent it?
Mostly, spam emails are created by Bot or computer software in order to sending a number of emails to many accounts in a time, the main purpose is to promote, advertise products, or sending virus to everyone.

Getting many or less spam emails depends on email server system of providers which they could have higher or lower security to protect spam emails. The strong security can manage well, meaning to have less spam emails., the email system provider, has strong security, 99%, getting rid of the junk emails and spam emails in your inbox, including high quality virus scanner, without virus emails.

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