Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to choose affordable, but professional, business email service provider for your domain name?, the biggest email service provider in Thailand, gives you the best price, high quality services for your business, registers domain names and hostseemails ending with your domain name.

Nowadays, business competition has higher rate and each organization tries to take own business be more attractive as possible as he/she can.

Confidence of using email ending with your own domain.

Emails ending with your domain play very important role for every business, and people started to place importance on corporate emails instead of using free email:,, We both know that everyone can register within a few minutes, but how your company’s image is shown in public?

When we give precidence to corporate emails, we have to find out the begining of the created emails process to use

Absolutely, an email “” is not only similar to a beautiful license plate, but also is very high important system to power your business at present.

Technology Land Co.,Ltd., a leader of the best email hosting service provider in Thailand

How to purchase the hosted email service?

Email system must be reliable

Email system must be reliable

In practice, world-class TV or telephone operators sometimes technically out of service, such that there is no full-time running email hosting servers guaranteed.
So, we should use the hosted email which has the least problems, you might not want to spend time to solve your emails’ problems, surely, you need to manage your business. Unfortunately, your company is lack of IT’s technicians, how your business can go on.

After-sales service of email hosting/server service provider

Who can you talk to when you get trouble with email system?

The first thing that you do after getting a problem is making a contact to an IT technician instantly in order to get the least problems affecting your business.
Consequently, after-sales services are absolutely neccessary for hosted email clients
Before purchasing, you can email or call to the providers that they can service you speedily or do not.

Technology Land Co.,Ltd., a leader of the best email hosting service provider in Thailand

24x7 hours support

Problems occur everytime.

You certainly send and receive email messages not only office hours, but also almost all-day long. After finishing work, you might have to co-ordinate with clients. If you got email’s problems after working, who can help you to solve the problems? For that reason, you should buy with the service provider who can support you all time. (24 hours x 7 days)

Buy email services with reliable and long-running company

Email hosting served by reliable and long-running company
Most people prefer products from a company which is big and reliable company. We notice that recognizable companies have to be established for many years with support center providing. They also entered in the commercial register legally because all of your email service is undered by them. 

No longer waiting for email messages from your clients for an hour.
Most problems of using corporate email services are delayed in sending/receiving email messages; we send messages to Mr.A, and he receives messages in 1 hour later.
This problem is found because unreliable system. Because these kinds of email service providers share emails more than thousand messages in a server. Before client receiving email messages, there is a long queue of users sending thousand messages to others.

Affordable prices only

Limited budget allocated
As you have limited budget, email service should be well system also because we send and receive messages all day and every day. It should be affodable cost., the biggest email hosting service provider in Thailand, gives you the best price, high quality services for your business, registers domain names and creates emails ending with your domain name.

Monday, January 6, 2014

What is domain name and how can to name it professionally?

Most people might not know what domain name is.

For example, a client needs emails ending with his domain name.
On the top screen, “” so that his domain is “” which can be .com or as his request.

How to name the domain name professionally?

Serveral techniques to name your preferred domain name as shown below:

1. Your domain name should be relevant to your company name or your products because this dom

ain is used until you close the company.
2. Your domain name should not be too long. If you can’t ignore it, you should name it in English and could spell it directly, e.g.
3. Your domain name should has only the alphabets (a-z), a punctuation mark which is accepted is “-” (hyphen), e.g.

Furthermore, you can have email accounts hosted under your own domain, also can have your website hosted under this domain name. more information...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Creating emails ending with domain name

Creating your emails ending with domain name

How to create/register emails for your company

Both a new business owner and an experienced business owner need to create emails under their domain such as, and can be used your own domain name, whatever your domain name ending with .com or

How to register emails with your domain name.

1. Create your domain name (after “@”) which is unique and never registered
1.1 .com domain name has no need any documentation.
1.2 domain registration:
1). Company Affidavit issued within 90 days with authorized seal and signature.
2. Find an email service provider (a professional email service provider recommended), they will serve and support you all of email functions.

Budget of email service
The following email solutions are provided by the products' market: :

1. Unlimited email account (Free email from web server), that always doesn't work properly in practice, you might find many problems. In particular, you bought it at the cheap price.
2. Corporate email for business. If you usually communicate for business, we recommend this solution for your business. The service providers give you the prices per account; your company has 30 email accounts, they will estimate the prices and offer you the cost per a year.

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