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The difference between corporate emails and free emails

The difference between “Free Emails” and “Business emails” or “”

The difference between corporate emails and free emails

There's no such thing as a free lunch, but it really has free email you can get. How can you know, is it effective and suitable or not?

Who is going to take care of you, when your email has trouble?

While you was sending an email message to your clients, sending status occurred an error. Who is going to solve this problem? Your business might lose more trust with your clients. Furthermore, your inbox has hundreds of messages. Who is your business email consultant you can talk with?

Free hosted email services

Free Email, most people use this service for free, for registering social network service (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), for self-business. Most of them don’t use corporate email.

Users should appropriately consider for business email, particularly emphasize with trust, confidence and security.

Corporate Email (for business), There has a few email hosting service providers in Thailand, so that you have less choices to decide using their services. You might know who keep your backup data, when you get some problems or need help.

Who can help you once the problem happened if you use free email?

It’s very simple question, but using free email, you never know the answer because you have no consultant about email service.

Corporate Email, service providers normally help you all time.

Emails are created by email hosting service providers. When you got some problems about your email, they specially take care of you immediately and professionally.

Using corporate email, makes your business be more trust.

Your business needs good image, don’t you?

The important reason that your company was established is “Reliability”. On the other hands, many companies use free email for communicating with their business and the big mistake is that you have overlooked your organization’s image.

We fully comprehended that establishing a company, have to emphasize with spending money. Everyone prefers getting free with very high quality features, but it was unreasonable. Your company might lose good image.

We comprehend that establishing the company, you have to care about well worth expenses. Something is no need to pay, you prefer for sure. It is unreasonable; you paid a lot of money for building your office, employers, but you don’t accept for using email service for business. On the other hands, you chose free email to communicate in business. If you pretend to be your clients, you will dare to send secret and important messages to the company, won’t you?

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