Monday, September 1, 2014

What's the function of mail server?

The function of mail server is sending and receiving email messages instead of letters, it’s a very important part of organisations.

How does ‘Mail Server’ work?

  • Receive emails into their servers such as text messages, photos, attach files from the sender.
  • Send text messages, photos, attach files from users’ computer using the mail server sending out the emails to the recipients.
  • Keep users’ data to the server as a hard disk, for example, keeping text messages, photos, attach files. The hard disk would have disk space over computer’s hard disk
  • Find email messages since the past to the present.

What is the main function of mail server for organisation? 

In an organisation, there is active users sending a large numbers of email messages. The mail server is keeping sent and received emails, it also has high security with the server because each business is not allowed to open the essential data.

Should I rent email hosted or make a mail server? 

If your business is not big like a bank and has thousands of employees, renting a mail server service with a provider is better than making your own mail server. Because of making the mail server has to maintained closely with many problems, you may not use email effectively.

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