Friday, August 29, 2014

How to create business emails ending with or .com domain name?

How much do you emphasise the importance of using business email?

Do you still use free hosted email: @yahoo, @gmail, @hotmail?

How can people believe you that your company is reliable?

Email ending with your own domain name.

Some foreign company or Thailand’s company have a policy,using business emails ( for communication only, especially Japanese.

How can I make an email server?

You can easily get your corporate emails ending with your own domain without setting up any system on your office, you just ask an email service provider give you any information by unknown technical questions.

Able to access to many platforms with IMAP: Website, Smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows phone), Mail Clients (Thunderbird, MS Outlook)

Email server of service  giving your own corporate email ending with your domain easily.

Having no IT technical knowledge is not be mentioned, just contact, the leader of email hosting service provider.

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