Monday, September 29, 2014

[MD] How to set up a business email account on iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod (Apple)

Working in the present, email becomes more popular and more important for communication. Choosing the provider, should notice the email system which can set up your business name behind "@":, for increasing more confident with your clients. Furthermore, email system should be stable, speedy, and available on many devices such as iOS: iPhone, iPad, and iPod (Apple).

Tap "Settings"

Tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

Tap "Add Accounts..."

Tap "Other"

Tap "Add Mail Account"

Type your name, email account and password. (English only)
Description: as you prefer

Type your information as below:
Incoming Host name: imap.(Domain Name).com
Outgoing Mail Server Hostname: smtp.(Domain Name).com
User Name: Your email account

Tap "Next"

Adding the account has completed, tap "Save"

Your new email account will be shown on your device.

Your new email account will be shown on your Mailboxes. 

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