Thursday, September 25, 2014

How do I know that my inbox is full?

People who have no knowledge of computers and email hosting technical can be confusing when they found that they didn't get any messages with unknown reason. This could mean that your inbox was full. There has other symptoms which show that your inbox is full.

1. Can't receive new email messages but can send email messages to others.
2. People who sent mails to you will get bounce message.
3. When you tried to send a message to yourself, your will not get any bounce message.

Troubleshooting on a full inbox

A simple solution is to delete your old messages in inbox which you do not need to keep around 10-100 emails (Do not forget to remove messages from 'Trash') After that, you will get new messages into inbox.

If you are using with free hosted email service, you will not be able to buy more space because the service provider determined the email account's space. The only way you can do is to remove the old messages. 

If you using email hosting service from the provider, you can send an email to support team for increasing extra space. 

Using email with an email client programs, the authors strongly recommend that you should add the email account type POP on the program in order to copy messages on the server to your computer and config to remove messages from server every 14 days or more. It means your inbox is not full eternally. Also it backups messages into your computer automatically.

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