Tuesday, September 2, 2014

5 Reasons why should we separate email hosting from web hosting.

Separate your hosting between email and web.

From my long experience, the writer used to talk with users using email hosting, I has known their problems that they always found, for example, do not receive email messages from the sender, server has been down.

90% of users find problems, used email hosting which is a function of web hosting. So, there are five reasons why we should separate email hosting from web hosting.

1. Web hosting service provider is not expert at email server technical knowledge.

Many providers selling web hosting who are well-known in their country as a brand or big enterprises of their country might not know and comprehend an email hosting process because most users have problem with their service and the problems do not be solved clearly.

2. The main process of web hosting is website only.

Web hosting was particularly created for website, email is just a function of the server. Therefore, its efficiency could not compare with mail server.

3. Email hosting is important than web hosting in business.

People might accept with downed server but email hosting, they can’t bear it. Businesses have to contact via email all times.

4. Email hosting service provider should has English skill.

Sending and Receiving messages to the destination which its server locates in foreign countries such Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. and some issues have been solved by providers whom owned the server in other country. You have to communicate with English language to them during the issues.

5. Email hosting is a part of IT technical knowledge.

The process of email hosting is complex. Creating the quality email hosting should have other system integrate to the server such as Spam filter software, Users management, Domestic and International network knowledge, Anti Virus software. The developer should have enough experiences to manage these system.

Therefore, if your company need to find the quality email hosting service, you should decide the provider who has many experiences and high technical knowledge and the email hosting  should separate from web hosting.

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