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How to choose a quality email hosting service?

Which company should I buy email hosting service?

Where is the best email hosting service do you need?
No more down time. No delaying. No spam mails. Support to all devices.

Can it be real to find the best email hosting service?

Using email to contact any person in business is as important as using telephone. Nobody knows how to choose email hosting service. As we know, the public telephone network sometimes be down even they are the big multinational corporation having a great investments.

How to find an email hosting service?
It’s not easy to find the quality email hosting service and provider. As an employee of IT department assigned by your boss to look for quality email hosting, it would be difficult for this assignment. Therefore, this article might help you considering quality email hosting service provider easily.

Email hosting qualities:

1. Never be down

The mail server should be stable, not be down. Many advertising words are ‘Uptime 99.99%’ meaning the server might have downtime 0.01% per a year. No one believes that certainly.

365 days:
Uptime: 99.99% = 53 mins per year
One year can’t be downtime over 53 mins.

How do you know that the email hosting is stable?
It’s impossible that email hosting has never been down. The best suggestion is buy hosting with a well-known company who is an email hosting provider. If their severs are down, their users also have problem with you.

99.999% uptime = downtime 5 mins / year
99.99% uptime = downtime 53 mins / year
99.9% uptime = downtime 8.45 hours / year
99 % uptime = downtime 3.65 day / year

2. Delaying Email

If you are looking for email hosting, you might have never known the big problem of email hosting. Most users might found delaying email; a user sent email to his customer, the customer receive his message next day. Also, the user received his customer’s message delayed.

How to choose quality email hosting service.
The providers using shared email from web hosting, 90% of users found many problems because of its low cost and low quality. You must find many problem with shared email from web hosting.

Shared email hosting has many email accounts on the server. When the messages were sent to the your hosting, your messages have to be queue up for days.

3.  Many junk mails / Spam mails

Using free emails from Hotmail or Gmail, you will not find these problems because the providers used technology and algorithm protect spam mails and advertisement emails. However, email hosting for business does not have the protection, the quality might not good as free email hosted.

You must know the software or antivirus on the server which you are provided. Otherwise, your inbox is filled with spam mails.

4. Stable server

Email Hosting could be stable.

The system must be stable and does not have problem. For example, some automatic teller machine (ATM) monitor shows “out of service temporary”. It’s impossible that all of ATMs will not have the problem but who can manage and solve the problem faster. Again, you can read the review articles that users wrote.

5. Fast loading

Time is important for your business

Basically, users prefer using fast email, whatever webmail, MS Outlook, ‘fast’ is quite important for email hosting.

6. Support to all devices

Nowadays, users not only send emails via computer, but also send emails via smart phone. The quality email hosting should be used with all devices supporting to IMAP. (What’s IMAP)

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