Wednesday, August 27, 2014

8 Advantages of using business emails ending with company’s domain name

8 Advantages of using business emails ending with company’s domain name., an email service provider, register domain name and create good-quality emails

Using business emails ending with your company’s domain name has an effect on increasing corporate image, as far as we know. In business communication, almost companies communicate by email instead of telephone so that every data was kept to business emails.
Using business email are absolutely important in the present, you might never expect that what will happen with using hosted email for free? You might occur unexpected trouble.

8 Advantages of using business emails ending with company’s domain name.

1. Keep data securely

2. Do not worry about employee resignation

It is normally about employees resigned or retired from your company. There has nobody work with you forever, but after resignation, one thing that owners feel worried is resigned employee having secure intra-company’s data. In particular, messages from personal email which they contacted each other. It means that the resign employee can apply your data for other business.
Each organisation has kept secure data such as customer details, corporate finance, etc. If you let your employees use free hosted email (personal email: Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo) How do you know that they sent secure messages to others? Because of secure messages, you never access to their personal emails.

3. Corporate image and brand

Do you know that some company in foreign country has to make the company’s policy, using corporate email for communicating only because free hosted email can belong to everybody. Moreover, how can you trust in your business which is reliable or not?

4. How do clients believe that our communication or our data were security?

Every company don’t want to let employees using personal emails without any reason. It’s not only having an effect on your secured data but also secured data of clients. To compare with using personal mobile phone of employees, your clients might think that your unprofessional company could not keep their secret data.

5. Do not hesitate about unfairly working by dishonest employees

Do you know that using email ending with your own domain name, can restrain to access emails from employees who are out-of-policy by changing email password of those users instantly.

6. Having support team for helping in all service time.

Your company use free hosted email for business. One day you get some problem, for example, forgetting your password and can’t access to your email, it means that your business messages have been gone eternally. Who can help you? 

7. Good Support

We believe that you might not use email via computer only, but also check email on other devices such as iPhone, Smart phone, Tablet or MS Outlook. If you check email by these devices, for without IT’s knowledge person, you must have a question which is “How can I set up/add account on the device?”

8. No have advertising products

When you use free hosted email, you will find out many advertisements banner on the website besides you don’t need to read them.

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