Monday, January 6, 2014

What is domain name and how can to name it professionally?

Most people might not know what domain name is.

For example, a client needs emails ending with his domain name.
On the top screen, “” so that his domain is “” which can be .com or as his request.

How to name the domain name professionally?

Serveral techniques to name your preferred domain name as shown below:

1. Your domain name should be relevant to your company name or your products because this dom

ain is used until you close the company.
2. Your domain name should not be too long. If you can’t ignore it, you should name it in English and could spell it directly, e.g.
3. Your domain name should has only the alphabets (a-z), a punctuation mark which is accepted is “-” (hyphen), e.g.

Furthermore, you can have email accounts hosted under your own domain, also can have your website hosted under this domain name. more information...

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