Thursday, January 2, 2014

Creating emails ending with domain name

Creating your emails ending with domain name

How to create/register emails for your company

Both a new business owner and an experienced business owner need to create emails under their domain such as, and can be used your own domain name, whatever your domain name ending with .com or

How to register emails with your domain name.

1. Create your domain name (after “@”) which is unique and never registered
1.1 .com domain name has no need any documentation.
1.2 domain registration:
1). Company Affidavit issued within 90 days with authorized seal and signature.
2. Find an email service provider (a professional email service provider recommended), they will serve and support you all of email functions.

Budget of email service
The following email solutions are provided by the products' market: :

1. Unlimited email account (Free email from web server), that always doesn't work properly in practice, you might find many problems. In particular, you bought it at the cheap price.
2. Corporate email for business. If you usually communicate for business, we recommend this solution for your business. The service providers give you the prices per account; your company has 30 email accounts, they will estimate the prices and offer you the cost per a year.

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