Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Using GoogleApps with email hosting of Technology Co., Ltd.

Using GoogleApps with email hosting of Technology Co., Ltd.

Some organisations are using Google Apps for Business only 10 users of total 200 users and using TL email hosting for 190 users.

The organisation gives the executives or some users who want to use email with highly stable and many applications, using Google Apps give 30 GB/Account disk space. The other staff uses email hosting of our system, you can set up a Google Apps for business as follows.

Login to a master admin of your domain,
then click 'Google Apps'

Click 'Gmail'

Go to 'Advanced settings'

Tick 'Destination' and Unknown mailbox accounts only
Then, click 'Save changes'

This process makes other accounts are able to use TL email hosting with high quality including spam filter of outbound and incoming server.

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