Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why is email storage important?

Email storage is essential
Email storage capacity is very important for your business. If we send email messages around 0.2-0.5 MB / 1 day, your email storage capacity is used 500 MB/1 year.

Sending email messages with attachment files: PDF, JPG, DOCX, the storage capacity might be used 2MB/a day, email storage capacity might be used 2000 MB (2 GB) in a year.

If your email storage has less space, you need to delete the old messages so that failed sending/receiving email messages can occur anytime even though you don’t want to confront with these cases.

No need to delete your email messages often
An email account should have more than 1 GB of email storage capacity, it is enough to keep your messages more than 1 year, without to deleting them often.

a leader of email service provider giving 2GB of email storage capacity at affordble price.

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